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Mastering Qlik Sense

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  • Understand the importance of self-service analytics and the IKEA-effect
  • Explore all the available data modeling techniques and create efficient and optimized data models
  • Master security rules and translate permission requirements into security rule logic
  • Familiarize yourself with different types of Master Key Item(MKI) and know how and when to use MKI.
  • Script and write sophisticated ETL code within Qlik Sense to facilitate all data modeling and data loading techniques
  • Get an extensive overview of which APIs are available in Qlik Sense and how to take advantage of a technology with an API
  • Develop basic mashup HTML pages and deploy successful mashup projects

Qlik Sense is a powerful, self-servicing Business Intelligence tool for data discovery, analytics and visualization. It allows you to create personalized Business Intelligence solutions from raw data and get actionable insights from it.

This book is your one-stop guide to mastering Qlik Sense, catering to all your organizational BI needs. You'll see how you can seamlessly navigate through tons of data from multiple sources and take advantage of the various APIs available in Qlik and its components for guided analytics. You'll also learn how to embed visualizations into your existing BI solutions and extend the capabilities of Qlik Sense to create new visualizations and dashboards that work across all platforms. We also cover other advanced concepts such as porting your Qlik View applications to Qlik Sense,and working with Qlik Cloud. Finally, you'll implement enterprise-wide security and access control for resources and data sources through practical examples.

With the knowledge gained from this book, you'll have become the go-to expert in your organization when it comes to designing BI solutions using Qlik Sense.

  • Create compelling dashboards and visualizations with your data by leveraging Qlik Sense's self-service model
  • Perform data loading and model efficient solutions with faster performance and better governance
  • Master Qlik Sense’s APIs and develop powerful mashups and fantastic extensions for visualizations and other components that run across all platforms
Page Count 514
Course Length 15 hours 25 minutes
Date Of Publication 16 Mar 2018
Data loading concepts
Optimizing your data loads
Incremental loads
ETL – extract, transform, load


Martin Mahler

Martin Mahler, a rocket scientist by education, is a passionate Qlik Luminary 2018 with vast experience in championing Qlik Technologies across financial services. With an MSc in engineering and IT as work experience, he advocates Qlik's self-service capabilities and democratization of data within organizations. Being an energetic individual, he also regularly shares his knowledge at presentations within QlikDevGroups across Europe. He currently serves as Vizlib’s CEO.

Juan Ignacio Vitantonio

Juan Vitantonio is a consultant who helps global companies thrive through the use of Qlik technologies, allowing them to gain business insights by implementing self-service solutions. Whether attending Qlik events, assisting the Qlik community, or serving as a Qlik branch moderator, he is always willing to help and learn from others. He is passionate about Qlik and data discovery. He enjoys traveling. He has a BSc in software engineering and an MSc in engineering.